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Kayla Herkimer Diamond Ring

Kayla Herkimer Diamond Ring

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This stunning ring features a natural Herkimer Diamond. These rings are handmade from start to finish and using genuine stones with a prong setting.

This gorgeous stone is even more stunning in person. We use only the best pieces and set them in our handmade prong settings. The stones vary from 6-8mm. Each stone is a little bit different, the stones are not exactly the same.

This ring is available in sizes of 3-13, made to order with your specifications. Choose from 3 different metals: Rose Gold Filled, 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver.

You can also choose from 4 different band options: 1. Smooth band, 2. Hammered band, 3. Beaded band 4. Twisted band. The picture shown below is a Hammered Band.