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About Us


Alissa Wrenn Smith is the designer, creator and owner of Shop Wrenn. She started making jewelry since she was in her early teens, even making rhinestone belts for friends.  Over the course of many years she took jewelry classes with her mother and became infatuated with color and the design process involved in jewelry making. Jewelry was only a hobby until she left her career as a professional horse trainer and a life working in politics.

After the birth of her first child, Alissa leaped with both feet into the small business world. Wrenn Jewelry was born in 2010. Why the name Wrenn? Wrenn is Alissa's Grandmother's maiden name, hence the play on the "Wren" bird.

The economy was still badly suffering from the recession when Alissa started Wrenn Jewelry so she sought to create affordable jewelry that could be enjoyed and make women feel beautiful without breaking the bank. You could treat yourself without feeling guilty and we all needed a little something to bring up our spirits. Druzy jewelry was just hitting the scene and Shop Wrenn very quickly became known for their Druzy designs. Still to this day Shop Wrenn makes a large selection of Druzy jewelry, focusing on the Natural Stones, and still some varieties of plated colors.

In 2013, Alissa was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins follicular b-cell lymphoma on top of having a long time struggle with Crohn's disease. The life changing diagnoses inspired her to start making custom one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with special meaning.

With the use of 3D jewelry technology we are able to create anything you can dream of, from your name as a necklace with an elegant font - to turning a piece of writing from your grandmother into a gorgeous bracelet - the possibilities are endless. We are honored to bring those pieces of jewelry to life for you and to be a part of your journey.

Thank you for your amazing support of Shop Wrenn, we are so happy to have you here.