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Aria Personalized Rolling Ring
Aria Personalized Rolling Ring

Aria Personalized Rolling Ring

$ 55.00

Introducing our new Aria Ring Collection which will include everyday metal rings to wear alone or stack with your favorite druzy and gemstone rings!

This gorgeous Personalized Rolling ring is a fun piece to wear everyday.

Such a fun twist on a simple ring by adding names! What will you put on yours? 

Currently this ring is available in many different metal options.


These are handmade, hand stamped and each one is unique.

1. Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled will have noticeable solder joints since there is no rose filled or gold filled solder so it will be sterling silver solder. You will see the solder joints on the back since they are hand soldered by me, as hard as I try for them to be minimally noticeable :-)

2. The names are TINY, the stamps we are using are 1mm. As hard as I try to, they will not always be lined up perfectly since I hand stamp them one at a time.  The bands are hand textured as well so the facets are all a little different.

These have a very light stamping :-)